The First “Real” Job

I remember trolling through the endless job pages on Craigslist, Indeed, LinkedIn, and etc. a year ago. Looking for one that would take a haphazardly written resume (with no tangible experience to write about) from a girl straight out of college. To my luck, I happened to catch one. I was brought in to interview 4 times having to stretch the story and find ways to apply my meaningless experience to the position. Googling “how to negotiate my offers” or ‘what to say when they ask you the “weakness”‘ question. My 4 years of simply “getting by” in college was paying off.

It ended up being my first “real” job. The company was small family owned firm. The people were generally nice. My bosses were overall pretty decent (one was actually useless). I wore a ton of different hats doing HR and recruiting work. However, after 6 months, one of the business partners announced his retirement. As a result, they combined the 2 business units and that’s where things went sour. One of the recruiters was let go, morale hit an all time low, and the entire reporting relationship in the company was a mess. Behind closed doors, it became a massive blame game. I kept myself in check for over a year. I was comfortable, my role was secure. It didn’t pay much, but it paid the rent.

When you get too comfy you really question if this is what you wanted. Where do you want to go, who you want to become, the endless flood of existential thoughts. The fact of the matter is just knowing when it’s time to let go and really start to take control of your life. For me that is now.


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